ConquerX is on a mission to make early cancer detection simple and accessible to all.

Why can’t we detect more cancers at earlier stages?

Cancer is a complex disease of more than 100 types that affect 1.7 million people and families every year. Molecular profiling of circulating biomarkers holds great promise for early cancer detection due to its ability to provide non-invasive snapshots of the tumors before they can be detected by conventional techniques such as imaging or biopsy. But, despite billions of R&D investments in the past decades, current molecular diagnostic technologies have not yet delivered on this promise.

Too complicated.

Traditional molecular profiling is:

Rely too heavily on qPCR and/or next-gen sequencing technologies, which are highly complex, expensive, and time-consuming;

Traditional molecular profiling is: And each technology rely on a single type of biomarker (either DNA, microRNA or protein) to identify specific types of cancer, whereas cancer is a complex group of more than 100 diseases with multiple mutations whose pathways are not yet well-understood.

One test.

One result.

One life.

One is simple!


The universal cancer screen test.

At ConquerX, we believe that we should look to the cancer diagnostic with a new perspective. Instead of specific tests for more than 100 types of cancer, we believe on the pan-cancer test, where it is possible to screen for biomarkers related to cancer cells versus healthy cells. And with this approach, save millions of people that are now being diagnosed by chance.

ConquerX’s Metachip fast, affordable and simple biosensor for simultaneous detection of multiple molecular targets. Metachip revolutionizes molecular cancer diagnostic because:

The biosensor technology enables fast and affordable molecular profiling without the need for qPCR and/or next-gen sequencing.

It's unique multiplexing ability enables profiling of a panel of different biomarker types (DNA, miRNA AND protein) that have been well-recognized as biomarkers of cancer. In other words, while competitors narrowly focus on one biomarker type at a time, we have the ability to utilize all.


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